Noname Tells J. Cole Fans To Unfollow Her Because She’s ‘Not A F*cking Leader’ Like He Said

J. Cole seemingly addressed Noname on “Snow On Tha Bluff” last month, and that sparked a bit of a feud between the two rappers. That conversation mostly died down a couple weeks ago, but Noname addressed the situation again over the weekend.

When Cole elaborated on the song following its release, he implored his fans to follow Noname on Twitter, saying, “I love and honor her as a leader in these times.” However, Noname doesn’t agree with Cole’s assessment about her being a leader and doesn’t want the followers he sent her way. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Noname wrote, “if cole brought you here because ‘she’s a leader in these times’ unfollow me. i’m not a f*cking leader. im a confused n**** reading difficult books trying to understand this sh*t like everyone else. i tweet recklessly and smoke reggie. im nobodies leader.”

Noname also further discussed Beyonce, after doing so last month and getting an earful from Beyonce’s fans. Addressing the use of the word “queen” by Beyonce and others, Noname wrote, “the idea that blk americans are only legitimate human subjects because we are descendants of ‘kings and queens’ is ahistorical and continues to push capitalist logic. most africans werent royalty and thats ok. beyonce is great but she got rich from a system that exploits the many.”

Meanwhile, Noname has a new album, Factory Baby, on the way, but it could be her last.