Noname Says She Is Quitting Music After Her ‘Factory Baby’ Album Because Her ‘Heart Isn’t In It’

Earlier this month, Noname announced that her new album Factory Baby is coming out in 2020. On Wednesday, Noname tweeted and deleted her plans after her second album drops. In a now-deleted tweet, Noname says she’s calling it quits after next album.

“To be honest with you, my heart isn’t fully in it anymore,” says Noname, replying to a fan asking her to drop new music.”The relationship between ‘artist’ and ‘fan’ is really f*cking unhealthy. Yall like what y’all like and hate what y’all hate. And I don’t wanna be on either side. I’m just tryna read and organize. After factory baby it’s (peace sign emoji).”


Since deleting her initial tweet, Noname tweeted again, stating she was sending “blessings to you and yours.”

With music not in Noname’s long-term plans, perhaps her book club — which she started because she was “super high” — will pick up steam. On the music front and ahead of her impending album, Noname released a song with Saba and Smino as part of their group Ghetto Sage, “Häagen Dazs.” With Noname’s recent announcement and her decision to delete the tweet, it’s unclear what the status of the group is.

Check out “Häagen Dazs” in the clip above.