Noname Says Her New Album Is Coming Out In 2020

It’s hard to say why the elusive Chicago rapper Noname remains so reluctant to discuss her music online. After all, her last two albums, Telefone and Room 25, were hailed by writers on the internet as two of the best projects in their respective release years. However, despite her general reticence to speak up, she did so this afternoon, tweeting out some new information on her upcoming follow-up to Room 25 in her typical, self-deprecating fashion.

“I don’t really talk about my music much on here,” she wrote. “But I’m dropping an album 2020 if anybody’s interested.” The coyness in the last part is dripping with irony, considering she, fellow Chicago rapper Saba, and their St. Louis compatriot Smino caused a miniature flurry on social media when they announced the official formation of their group Ghetto Sage and released their first single under that moniker last month.

Besides that, she just might be the first rapper to start their own, incredibly popular book club, let alone doing it while “super high” and having it become an avenue for real community activism. Noname, whether she thinks so or not, is a star — and it seems very many people are very much interested in her new album. Now, those who are know how much longer we’ll have to wait — 2020 can’t get here soon enough.