Offset Posts Evidence That Cardi B Lied On ‘WAP’

By now, it’s become pretty common knowledge that Cardi B and Offset are back together and today, Cardi confirmed that the couple is giving things yet another chance by withdrawing her divorce case. Whether this is good or bad news probably depends on your personal feelings about the couple but apparently Offset is feeling solid enough again for some light social media teasing of his wife after she got his back during a recent police stop. In a new post on Instagram, Offset captured proof that Cardi B exaggerated some aspects of their life, calling her out for being a “Liar.”

Offset sneakily captured footage of Cardi sweeping the floor in their home (wearing a bonnet, bathrobe, and slippers, no less), telling her, “You need to stop lying on your songs, man. She be lyin’. She cleanin’. She got to clean.” Cardi just chuckles and playfully threatens him, “I’ma punch you in your head.”

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The song Offset refers to, of course, is “WAP,” on which Cardi crows, “I don’t cook, I don’t clean / But let me show you how I got this ring.” In terms of rap fibs, it’s not exactly a bathtub that lifts up or losing 92 bricks but it’s a line which has amused fans to no end — especially with Cardi’s relationship drama making headlines just a couple of months later. Still, “WAP” proves to be the gift that keeps giving to pop culture, as Cardi recently revealed a “making of” documentary for the music video in which she confesses she wanted even more animals crawling on her and her co-star Megan Thee Stallion.

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