Offset May Be The Subject Of A Federal Investigation After His Gun Charges Were Dropped

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In the ultimate case of “good news, bad news,” Offset, who was facing charges for gun possession, now has even bigger problems on his plate after the charges were dropped. According to TMZ, the only reason the state of Georgia dropped its pending case against the rapper is that the U.S. Attorney’s Office has stepped in and is apparently building a case of its own.

While the report is understandably light on details right now, as the federal authorities didn’t want to reveal what their larger investigation entailed, it’s clear that the feds believed that the trial for his gun possession case would somehow interfere with their bigger fish to fry. Georgia prosecutors told TMZ that continuing the gun case “would alert other potential future parties to the investigation and evidence that may support federal charges against said parties.”

Offset was arrested in 2018 when police pulled him over for reasons that the rapper complained were pretty dicey at the time and charged with felony possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Now, it appears that an ATF investigation was the real reason the traffic stop seemed so suspect in the first place, as court documents show ATF agents asked the Clayton County police to find a reason to pull him over.

That could mean big trouble for Offset, who’s been having kind of a rough 2019: He was hit with destruction of property charges after being harangued by a fan for a photo and slapping the fan’s phone away (those charges have since been dropped), he was apparently targeted in a drive-by in May, and his wife Cardi B is facing trial for allegedly ordering her entourage to beat up a pair of bartenders at a strip club. For now, the reasons for the current investigation remain under wraps, but the father of four can’t be looking forward to finding out what they are anytime soon.

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