Offset Got Jamie Lee Curtis In His And Cardi B’s ‘Jealousy’ Trailer In Exchange For An Instagram Follow

When Offset announced his new single “Jealousy” with his wife Cardi B, many fans were awed that he somehow secured a cameo from legendary actress Jamie Lee Curtis in a preview for the song. The clip, which recreated an unusual 1988 interview between CNN’s Dr. Sonya Friedman and a seemingly unhinged James Brown, found Curtis taking on the role of Friedman and Offset giving the same sort of wildly improvised answers as Brown. Today, on Good Morning America, Offset explains how he got such a high-profile cameo.

“Jamie Lee Curtis is a real one,” he exclaimed. “How that happened is, I DMed Jamie Lee Curtis on Instagram and said, ‘Yo, I got an idea. I would love to work with you.’ So, she wrote me back so quick and she like, ‘Yeah, I got you, but you need to follow me.'” He says after she heard the idea, she was game… and the best part? All this took place after her recent Oscar win for her role in Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Offset also talks about his and Cardi’s kids, admitting that “for the girls, I’m a softie, but for the boys, I’m a disciplinarian,” and how being vulnerable as a man can be “challenging.” Check out the clip above for more, but don’t expect to hear his upcoming album’s title just yet; that’s apparently something he’s keeping tightly under wraps for the time being.