Pop Smoke Was Arrested For Transporting A Stolen Vehicle Across State Lines

Brooklyn-based drill rapper Pop Smoke has been arrested for transporting a stolen vehicle across state lines according to TMZ. The vehicle in question is reportedly a 2019 Rolls-Royce Wraith that Pop Smoke borrowed in November from its owner in California for a video shoot. Pop Smoke allegedly agreed to return the car the next day, but when he didn’t, the owner tracked its GPS signal to Arizona and reported it stolen.

According to TMZ’s sources, the owner also noticed the car in a social media post tagged in New York — a post which has since been deleted. Pop Smoke was arrested at JFK Airport in New York this morning after returning from Fashion Week in Paris and will be arraigned this afternoon.

Pop Smoke’s star has been on the rise after his song “Welcome To The Party” took off last autumn, leading to a cascade of remixes and spin-offs from stars like Nicki Minaj and Rico Nasty. That buzz led not only to an appearance alongside Travis Scott in the video for “Gatti” from Scott’s Cactus Jack label’s Jackboys EP, but also to increased scrutiny from the authorities.

In December, the NYPD reportedly blocked Pop Smoke from performing at Rolling Loud due to alleged gang affiliation. It’s clear that as his profile rises, he’ll have to work harder to keep his nose clean, even from possible misunderstandings like this one with the Rolls-Royce.