Pusha T Isn’t Playing Around; Says His Next Album Will ‘One-Thousand Percent’ Top ‘Daytona’

If you had an opportunity to see Pusha T play a live show around the time that DAYTONA dropped in 2018, you’d have seen a rapper whose dedication and delivery are on another level in the game. He’s seemingly committed to not just rapping over his songs on stage and for an artist of his caliber, it just increases the intensity of the already pressing music on an album that’s tough to top. But wait…

King Push spoke with Billboard for a feature that was presumably centered about how he was sifting through his closet to produce a portfolio of threads for a “The Vault:Pusha T” Closet Sale on the high-end menswear site Grailed (you can rock Pusha T’s 2015 Burberry floral print jacket for $600; adjust your holiday gift lists accordingly). But the pride of Virginia Beach clearly had more on his mind, namely his next album, which was said to be nearly done back in March when he was just waiting on a collaboration from Kanye West.

He told Billboard today that the project is being mixed and the finishing touches are being put on feature verses. It’s set to have production from The Neptunes and Kanye West, and he added that “I want to give fans an offering of not only great music but something merch-wise, hard copy, vinyl, everything.”

He says the goal is to put some form of music out this year, but the biggest statement was when he called his shot: “I think I’ve topped Daytona for sure,” Push told Billboard. “One-thousand percent.” This is very much in line with when he told the Instagram Live show Behind The Velvet Rope in March that it’ll be “the best album that drops in 2021.” Here’s hoping he’s not reading too much into Kendrick Lamar’s new Spotify photo like everyone else is…