A Posthumous Takeoff Album Is On The Way, According To A New Quavo Video

Quavo has been open about his grief for his nephew and fellow Migos member Takeoff who tragically died last year. He mourned Takeoff on his moving song “Letter To Takeoff” in January. He shared a tribute to Takeoff last month on what would’ve been his 29th birthday.

On his YouTube channel, Quavo has made himself more vulnerable with a new video talking with Jamie Crawford-Walker. It’s titled “A Conversation For The Fans. #RocketPower,” the hashtag referencing his forthcoming album of the same title. In the video, he said that he plans to preserve unreleased music from Takeoff for a posthumous album, which amounts to 1,000 verses.

“I just feel my boy’s energy. He got his chair over there, he just be kickin’ it,” he said about Takeoff. “I always kick it with him. People don’t understand, but I be there. I be there in the house making sure all his stuff is straight, all his jewelry is clean. Still taking care of all his cars and all of that.”

“Just being fueled by my brother, Take,” he said about the album title Rocket Power, “and bottling in all these emotions — all the pain, all the hard times, all the times I cried and all the times I just made music to pull up and try to play songs and he’s not there. I’m just trying to get this fuel from above and this fuel from the sky and call it ‘rocket power.'”

Watch the video above.