Rick Ross Reflects On His Rags-To-Riches Story In His ‘Gold Roses’ Video With Drake

Rick Ross continues his Port Of Miami 2 promotional cycle with the elegant video for “Gold Roses,” the album’s Drake-featuring closer. While Drake doesn’t make an appearance in the video, Ross holds it down for the both of them, rapping and posing his way through a series of artistically shot tableaus, using light and mirrors to create stunning visual effects worthy of inclusion in the Museum Of Contemporary Art. The video’s featuring actress, meanwhile, makes eyes at Ross while catwalking around these dazzling displays, lounges in a gilded bathtub with a bottle of expensive champagne, and gives Ross a joint as they cruise in his soft-top convertible.

“Gold Roses” is the second single from the duo to receive a video treatment in as many months. In August, Drake released the video for “Money In The Grave,” the celebratory single from his Championship Pack released in honor of the Toronto Raptors’ 2019 NBA championship victory. The two releases are just the latest in a long line of collaborations from the two rap superstars; unfortunately, Ross had to cancel a planned collaboration with one of Drake’s rivals that could have led to a peace treaty between two of hip-hop’s most prominent crews. Ross is apparently fond of puppeteering such events; in his new memoir Hurricanes, he details how he had a hand in the creation of one of those hip-hop forces. Hopefully, he’ll get another chance, but for now, he’ll have to enjoy knowing that he and Drake are cool again after Drake and Meek Mill squashed their own beef last year.

Port Of Miami 2 is out now via Epic Records.