Rico Nasty Takes Over The World In Her Surreal ‘Roof’ Video

Featuring computer glitches and alien pyramids, Rico Nasty‘s latest video is a mashup of surreal imagery and super villainous fantasies. In “Roof,” a computer AI gives an extravagant introduction as Rico descends from what looks like a meteorite to terrorize the buttoned-up squares of planet Earth. While “Roof” doesn’t appear on her major label mixtape, Nasty, that’s still worth checking out. Check it out above.

The video skips from scene to scene, from a desert scene where Rico rocks a diaphanous shawl like an angry goddess to an elaborate performance scene with dancers on the steps of Long Beach’s Walter Pyramid, standing in for one of the alien variety. Rico appears inside screens, on an inflatable jet ski, and as a computer-generated avatar as she scream raps her way through her usual array of raspy threats over a blaring Kenny Beats production. One cool element is the way Rico uses lines of crystals under her eyes to create a glittering, Christmas tree light effect on her face, highlighting the whole “alien invasion” vibe of the video.

Rico’s been building up a reputation for having imaginative videos like “Guap” and “Pressing Me,” and for her outrageous presentation, which have made her an instant fan favorite and a rising star to watch. You can catch her at Coachella this spring and see for yourself.