Roddy Ricch Swears Off Visiting Canada After Being Stopped At The Border (Again)

Compton rapper Roddy Ricch is currently on the road with Post Malone, opening for the Twelve Carat Toothache Tour, but unfortunately for fans in Vancouver, Roddy wasn’t able to join his tourmate in Canada. In a post on Instagram Stories Sunday, he wrote, “The Federal Border Patrol did not allow me into Vancouver, BC. I apologize to my fans. I don’t believe I’ll be revisiting Canada anytime soon because they’ve harassed me every time I’ve come and Imma be completely honest, I’m tired of the harassment.”

roddy ricch border patrol instagram

According to Complex, Roddy was able to resolve a previous incident by calling Drake, who apparently was able to smooth things over. Perhaps the situation was different enough this time that Drake couldn’t help, or maybe Roddy just couldn’t get him on the phone, but either way, it looks like Roddy Ricch fans north of the border may not be seeing him for some time.

Roddy’s had some other rough incidents on tour this year, through no fault of his own. In Switzerland, he literally had to kick a fan off the stage when they climbed up during a performance of “The Box.” The stage crasher tried to grab Roddy, but was collected by security before they could do so.