Smino’s Exuberant ‘Z4L’ Video Details Wild Tour Shenanigans With Bari And Jay2

Rappers’ antics on tour are often legendary and it looks like Smino and his Zero Fatigue crew aren’t any exception. In his new video for “Z4L” from his sophomore album Noir, Smino and his buddies Bari and Jay2 blow off their irate tour manager before a show at the Palladium in Hollywood, do drunk yoga, and party with groupies backstage, all while entertaining crowds across America with their funky, outer-space rap. The video is directed by Ev Solomon, produced by AJR Films, and stocked with a huge array of beautiful Black women as Smino’s adoring fans.

Smino is currently on his Hoopti Tour, taking him from coast-to-coast and giving him plenty of chance to accumulate more debauchery-filled footage for future videos. He’ll also end up in Indio, California for this year’s iteration of the popular Coachella festival, whose flyer he photoshopped on its release to jokingly imply that he’d be every performer. While that’s not quite accurate, he will be one of the hip-hop acts worth checking out this year.

And even though he’s had some great times with his Zero Fatigue partners, fans are truly excited for the rumored joint album he’s supposedly working on with Saba and Noname, which just might have the generational impact such things have always promised but rarely delivered.

Noir is out now via Zero Fatigue and Interscope.