A Frustrated Snoop Dogg Explained How The Lakers Ruined His Christmas On Instagram

While many of us are reacclimating ourselves to work post-Christmas, Snoop Dogg is getting over the salty feeling of watching the Clippers beat his Lakers.

Snoop — one of the biggest rappers to come out of Los Angeles — is an avid fan of all of the city’s sports teams, and was most notably on the sideline of USC’s classic bowl game against Texas in 2006. Nowadays, the rapper enjoys being court-side at a slew of NBA games, but mostly his hometown Lakers’ games. After the Lakers’ 111-106 loss to the Clippers on Christmas, Snoop let his frustration out via Instagram in the form of a video that ironically went viral on Twitter, saying, “We need to get rid of some n****s. Too many h*es on our team, man. I’ma say it and I mean it, motherf*ckers missing f*cking 3s in the end of the f*cking game, sorry motherf*cker. F*ck! F*ck my Christmas up with this sh*t, n****. Can’t beat the f*cking Clippers, y’all make me sick with this sh*t.”

Snoop was so mad that he posted two videos about the Lakers losing, saying in the second video, “Y’all losing to nobody but the f*cking Clippers. I don’t care who we lose to just stop losing to the f*cking clippers. And n**** you better start making them 3s. I ain’t talking to the starters, I’m talking ’bout them other n****s on the bench. Start making them f*cking 3s n****. Get your ass in the gym right now and go work on your f*cking shot. So when ‘Bron throw the motherf*cker you make it, n****.”

While Snoop might not be happy with the Lakers messing up his Christmas, the rapper was recently announced as a color commentator for the video-game NHL ’20, a move that comes a year after Snoop collaborated with the league for the YouTube series Hockey 101 With Snoop Dogg.