Snoop Dogg Lists His Extremely Qualified Picks For A Mount Rushmore Of Weed

Few folks are more qualified than Snoop Dogg to imagine a Mount Rushmore of weed. Jimmy Kimmel asked the hip-hop weed icon to weigh in last night during his talk show, after Seth Rogen answered that same question last week. Like Rogen, Snoop chose Cheech and Chong, as well as Willie Nelson. But Snoop also included Bob Marley, who Seth and Jimmy somehow forgot, as if to show why neither of them should be recognized on that “Mount Kushmore.”

Snoop also justified his picks by mentioning that Willie is the only person to ever outsmoke him. He has mentioned his fun fact many times before, though you can’t blame him for repeating himself, not when the story is so great. “We were chilling in Willie’s room, and we were playing dominoes,” Snoop said during his 2015 SXSW keynote address. “He’s whooping my ass at dominoes, but at the same time he’s passing me a paper, a cigar, a vape, a bong and a little Volcano. So I’m like, ‘This old man is really trying to challenge me right now!'”

Speaking of monuments, Kimmel also asked Snoop about his star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. While the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced his star last year, this was apparently news to Snoop, with how he gasped. “Is that where you’re walking down on Hollywood Boulevard and you got the Marilyn Monroe’s and Frank Sinatra’s and all of them? For real?” he says.

Snoop was also on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk his surprisingly great new gospel album. Bible Of Love was in part inspired by how he sang in choir (“My mom used to make me lead, even though I didn’t want to”). But he also wanted to spread “peace, love and happiness” during this particular moment in time. While Snoop is convinced that weed exists in heaven, the Devil is like “the President.”