The Ex-Husband Of The Spice Girls’ Mel B Reportedly Made Their Daughter Watch ISIS Beheading Videos

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Child custody battles are typically brutal. But in the aftermath of the breakup between Spice Girls member and America’s Got Talent host Mel B and her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte, things are getting particularly heated. The pair share a daughter, 10-year-old Angel Murphy Brown, that Belafonte is fighting for visitation rights to. But if the allegations that have been presented are true (via Track Record), it’s probably not a good idea to have the dude anywhere near children.

In the report, Mel B alleges that Belafonte would show Angel, along with his two other daughters, videos of ISIS beheadings, just because he thought it was “funny or educational.” And while these claims are heinous enough on their own, the report also features a laundry list of other infractions. These include the allegations from Angel’s sister Phoenix that Belafonte would call her “retarded” and eat school lunches that her mother packed for her. Mel B even says that Belafonte would get the children mixed up with each other.

Mel B and Belafonte’s divorce process began last March, with the singer famously showing up to the MTV VMAs last year wearing a shirt that said, “You don’t own me.” She is currently trying to prevent Belafonte from even seeing young Angel.

In other Mel B news, her group, The Spice Girls, might or might not be going on tour.