Charlie Puth’s Little Brother Is Trying For A Pop Career And His Debut Single Is Called ‘Sexual Vibe’

We just awarded Charlie Puth‘s Voicenotes one of the best albums of the year, but he’d better watch out — his younger brother is coming for the pop king throne. Just as Taylor Bennett, Ashlee Simpson, and Aaron Carter before him, Puth is following in the footsteps of his famous older sibling by launching his own music career.

If you’re wondering if Stephen Puth’s music has anything in common with Charlie’s, baby Puth’s debut single is called “Sexual Vibe.” The song showcases Puth’s melty baritone, and its lyrics also have an, um, sexual vibe: “I’m under your influence / When you’re on top / You know that I’m listening / Tell me what you want.” The song is as infuriatingly catchy and fun as anything by the elder Puth, and it’s easy to imagine this song playing on every radio station or an episode of Riverdale.

In the video for “Sexual Vibe,” Puth and his friends break into a posh house, causing mayhem and jumping in the pool with nice clothes. A redheaded muse makes eyes at Puth the younger all night, following him around the house party and swinging above the pool. While she enchants, the young woman doesn’t interact much with the other partygoers, floating in and out of every scene. Is she at the party, or is she literally a phantom muse appearing to Puth, encouraging him to channel his sexual vibe and chase that pop career?

Puth, who recently signed with Arista, is working on more new music. His brother already took “Puthers” as a name for his fan army, but “Sputhers” (Stephen’s words, not mine) can expect a full EP out soon.

Watch the video for “Sexual Vibe” above.