Syd Ponders What A Well-Crafted Love Feels Like On The Emotive ‘Missing Out’

The beginning of February marked the four-anniversary of Syd’s lone solo album, Fin. Months after the album arrived she returned with another solo project with her Always Never Home EP, but since then, aside from a few guest appearances, the singer has left her solo career untouched as she returned to The Internet. However, even with that collective, things have been quiet since their 2018 album Hive Mind. While it remains unknown what’s in store for the singer in 2021, fans can enjoy the first bit of music from her in a while this year thanks to her new single, “Missing You.”

The track is described as an “anti-Valentine’s Day ode” that brings all of Syd’s best qualities to the table. In the song, she speaks about the end of an old relationship, which concluded due to their inability to “spend the proper time trying to work it out.” Now that it’s a thing of the past, she spends the rest of the song pondering her ex’s current life and if they’ve found any happiness. “Hope you’re finding what you need / Or what you seek,” she sings. “Cause now I’m free / And maybe in another life / You’d be mine.”

Before sharing her latest single, Syd joined Kehlani and Disclosure last year for “Birthday.” Prior to that, she could be found alongside Lil Uzi Vert and Free Nationals on “Urgency” and “Shibuya” respectively.

Listen to “Missing Out” in the video above.