Tinashe Announced Her Second ‘BB/ANG3L’ EP, ‘Quantum Baby,’ Is ‘Coming Soon’

Last year, Tinashe garnered positive reviews with her September EP, BB/ANG3L, as she joined the wave of US artists reviving the UK garage and drum-and-bass styles. Supported by an immersive video project, The BB/ANG3L Experience, a Tiny Desk Concert, and a co-headlining tour with Shygirl (which was unfortunately canceled for medical reasons), BB/ANG3L debuted a thrilling new direction for Tinashe, whose penchant for blending pop and R&B found its most effective outlet yet in the dance music revival.

It looks like she’ll continue going in that direction as today, she announced BB/ANG3L PT. 2 — Quantum Baby is coming soon, sharing a pre-save link with a unique, Mad Max-ish trailer. In the video, a sports car tricked out to look like a real war machine is chased through the desert by drones, evoking a futuristic, somewhat dystopian world for the new project — which is right in line with much of the world-building Tinashe has done around her music since going independent some years ago. (Maybe she’s been playing the hell out of Cyberpunk 2077 and its anti-corporate ethos really resonated with her after her misadventures in the major label system.)

BB/ANG3L is “coming soon,” which means a release date will likely be announced shortly.