Travis Scott Is Reportedly Being Sued For Wrongful Death Following A Woman’s Miscarriage

Last year’s disastrous Astroworld festival, helmed by Travis Scott, resulted in nearly 5,000 claims of injuries and 10 documented deaths. Several lawsuits have been filed against Scott and Live Nation, the lattermost produced the festival. In a recent lawsuit, a Dayton, Ohio woman named Shanazia Williamson is suing Scott, Live Nation, Scoremore Holdings, and ASM Global for wrongful death, following a miscarriage she experienced after attending the November festival.

Williamson claims she was trampled during a crowd surge at the show, which resulted in injuries to various parts of her body, including her shoulder, back, chest, leg, and stomach. In documents obtained by TMZ, Williamson alleges that the defendants’, “failure to plan, design, manage, operate, staff, and supervise the event was a direct and proximate cause of Shanazia’s injuries and death of her and Jarawd’s [her partner] unborn child.”

Amid the controversy, Scott will still perform at this year’s Billboard Music Awards. His performance, along with that of country singer Morgan Wallen, comes as a result of Diddy demanding the two be allowed to perform, in a motion to “uncancel the cancelled.”

“To have Morgan and Travis be able to come back and touch the stage again with the mindset of getting a second chance at life,” Diddy said to Billboard, “everybody in the room is getting a second chance at life because we’re back inside with no masks on.”