Trippie Redd’s Smooth Grooving ‘Took My Breath Away’ Video Is A Total Departure From His Grungy Sound

Trippie Redd’s long been recognized for the grungy sound of his rock-inspired emo-rap, but his latest single, the smooth-grooving “Took My Breath Away” featuring Skye Morales, is a total departure from that grittier style. It has more in common with mid-2000s Quiet Storm radio-inspired hits from the likes of Fabolous and LL Cool J, with an R&B-inflected beat and chorus and a more straightforward, old-school rap delivery that makes use of a set of skills Trippie’s always had but hasn’t always utilized. It sounds a bit like a Wiz Khalifa outtake — a really good one.

Judging from the press release for the single, which also officially announces his next album, A Love Letter To You 5, fans might get to see a lot more of this Trippie Redd in the future, as the release cites a “new chapter” for the Ohio rap-crooner. Trippie’s last A Love Letter To You album, the fourth in the series, came out in 2019 and blended Nirvana-esque guitar strumming with thumping trap drums and plenty of wounded dog howling from Trippie vocally, although there were offerings like the upbeat soft-rocker “‘Til The End Of Time,” as well.

Trippie’s last few albums, though, have leaned more heavily on either the Lex Luger-ish and murky Pi’erre Bourne-inspired video game trap of (the apparently rushed) Mansion Muzik and Trip At Knight. With his latest transformation, Trippie proves he remains one of the most versatile rappers in music today. You can watch his “Took My Breath Away” video up top and stay tuned for more on A Love Letter To You 5.