Tyga Puts A Modern Spin On A Classic Hit With His ‘Ayy Macarena’ Remix

Tyga has been gearing up for a release by teasing new music to his fans on social media. The rapper revealed what the hype has been about Saturday when he dropped “Ayy Macarena,” a remix of the 1993 hit “La Macarena” by Los Del Río.

Tyga had teased a snippet of the song on Instagram but premiered the full two-minute version on his YouTube page Saturday. The remix features the original song’s hook and adds a shimmering beat drop peppered with a triumphant trumpet. Tyga pays ode to the original hit in the lyrics but adds a NSFW twist. “Ayy, Macaria, Macaria, Macarena / B*tches on my stick, but my name ain’t Harry Potter / She lick it up, make it disappear like ‘Ta-da’ / She ex with some dollars, not a b*tch, gettin’ nada,” he raps.

The rapper previously teased the song with snippets of the track over comical visuals. One featured the viral video of Hillary Clinton and the 1996 Democratic National Convention dancing along to the song.


Another snippet shows Tyga eating Cheetos and dancing around his living room while listening to the song.


The remix arrives shortly after Tyga put forth another remix. He put his own spin on Doja Cat’s “Juicy,” and also recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with Columbia records.

Listen to ‘Ayy Macarena’ by Tyga above.