Tyga’s Colorful ‘Mrs. Bubblegum’ Video Is Hilariously Booty-Filled

It isn’t often you get to write about watching a rap star literally eating ass in a new video without incurring a potential invasion of privacy lawsuit, but in the case of Tyga‘s new video for “Mrs. Bubblegum,” that’s exactly what happens. The… ahem… cheeky video finds the West Coast rap star surrounded by disembodied derrieres in a variety of hilarious situations including on a Mount Rushmore, as a member of Blue Man Group (the butts are drums, natch), dining on the aforementioned rump roast (served on a fancy plate!), and being swarmed by BUTTerflies. Sorry, I’ll stop now.

The song itself samples D4L’s snap-era ringtone classic “Laffy Taffy,” and if you listen closely, you can actually hear some of the vocals from that song’s inescapable hook. Tyga repurposes that hook, rewriting the lyrics from “shake that Laffy Taffy” to “shake that ass for me,” imploring listeners to imitate the gyrating, disembodied gluteuses that populate the video. Is it kind of crass? Absolutely. It’s also so irreverent and silly, it’s hard to get too mad at him. Meanwhile, his recent career resurgence has included a number of strip club anthems and an OnlyFans account. He’s certainly having himself a ride, at least he can laugh at himself along the way.

Watch the “Mrs. Bubblegum” video above.