Tyler The Creator Reacts To Drake Getting Booed At Camp Flog Gnaw: ‘I Don’t F*ck With That’

Tyler The Creator is understandably upset that the ending of his Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival was marred by fans who booed the surprise headliner, Drake, getting his thoughts out, as usual, on Twitter.

“I THOUGHT BRINGING ONE OF THE BIGGEST ARTIST ON THE FUCKING PLANET TO A MUSIC FESTIVAL WAS FIRE,” he wrote, before acknowledging that the pick may have been a misfire in light of the crowd his festival usually draws. “BUT FLIPSIDE, A LIL TONE DEAF KNOWING THE SPECIFIC CROWD IT DREW.” However, he decried those fans who “CREATED A NARRATIVE IN THEIR HEAD AND ACTED OUT LIKE ASSHOLES WHEN IT DIDNT COME TRUE,” concluding, “I DONT F*CK WITH THAT.”

Of course, Tyler wouldn’t be Tyler if he didn’t have a chuckle at his guest’s expense. “HEY MAN SHIT HAPPENS,” he said, “ALL JOKES ASIDE SH*T LOWKEY FUNNY.” He ended on a positive note, exulting that the rest of the carnival went off without a hitch. “ASIDE FROM THAT, HOPE EVERYONE HAD A GOOD TIME. AGAIN, NO ARREST NO BULLSHIT MAN A LOT OF PEOPLE ENJOYED IT, THANKS AGAIN!”

He finished by thanking Drake, who seems to have been a decent sport about the whole situation, calling it a “moment of humility.” Tyler also revealed the song that would have played next had the crowd given Drake a better reaction: The inescapable hit “Hotline Bling.” “AGAIN, THANK YOU DRAKE! ( IM F*CKING PISSED HOTLINE BLING WAS NEXT THATS MY F*CKING SH*T IM GONNA PLAY THAT IN THE SHOWER RIGHT NOW.”

Camp Flog Gnaw completed its 8th year with a lineup that included 21 Savage, DaBaby, FKA Twigs, YG, and more. Stay tuned for our recap.