Tyler The Creator’s Brutally Honest ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ Video Buries His Old Personas

In typical Tyler The Creator fashion, the musician has a lot to get off of his chest, and his latest single, “Sorry Not Sorry,” is the perfect outlet. Although the “Dogtooth” rapper doesn’t have any children of his own (just yet), the creative liberties he’s taken in his music as birthed a movement currently inspiring others.

That limitless ideal shines bright in the self-directed visual for “Sorry Not Sorry,” the second track released off his forthcoming Call Me If You Get Lost deluxe album. In the retrospective video, Tyler lets his apologies fly, rapping, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry I don’t see you more / I’m sorry that the four minutes where you see your son could feel like a chore / Sis’, I’m sorry I’m your kin / Sorry we ain’t close as we should’ve been / Sorry to my old friends / The stories we could’a wrote if our egos didn’t take the pen.”

However, the one thing he isn’t sorry for is allowing his music to change with him as he’s navigated through these emotional landmines. In the video, Tyler steps back into each of his old personas respective to each project he’s released, to paint just how much internal conflict he’s dealt with.

By the end of the visual, the musician makes it clear that although the track will be featured on the deluxe version of his Grammy Award-winning album, fans shouldn’t get comfortable with this sound. Tyler is planning to transition to another era of his art very soon as he is now yet another version of himself.

When discussing the deluxe album on Twitter, the recording artist wrote, “Call Me If You Get Lost was the first album I made with a lot of songs that didn’t make the final cut. Some of those songs I really love, and knew they would never see the light of day, so Ive decided to put a few of them out.”

Watch the video above.

Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale is out 3/31 via Columbia Records. Find more information here.