Westside Boogie Keeps Warming Up With His ‘Do 4 Love’ Freestyle Video

Westside Boogie continues his pre-album-release warmup routine with “Do 4 Love,” his latest buzz-generating freestyle video designed to keep fans watching while he polishes up the near-finished product. This time, he takes on Tupac Shakur’s fan-favorite 1998 single “Do For Love,” sticking to his usual themes and again inviting his son Darius to offer his thoughts on the subject of love. Of course, Darius may think it’s trash, but that’s because he’s like 10. Marinate on that few years, little man — I’m sure you’ll change your mind.

Meanwhile, Boogie’s own observations remain as deft as ever. “She said she don’t f*ck with Boogie — she discriminating,” he jests. In the lo-fi, VHS-mimicking video, Boogie roams a grow house, hitting his two-step just as the Bobby Caldwell sample hits on the hook.

Fans have been waiting on a new album since 2019’s Everything’s For Sale, Westside Boogie’s major label debut. Along with videos for “Said Sum” and “Joe Exotic,” the Compton native is keeping his fans’ anticipation high for a full project, which he’s teased could be coming along in the very near future after beginning the rollout with an elaborate kidnapping prank and the video for “Outside” with Joey Badass.

Watch the “Do 4 Love” freestyle video above and stay tuned for more.