What Is The JID ‘Surround Sound Challenge’ On TikTok?

One of last year’s standout rap albums was JID’s The Forever Story. Fueled by singles like “Surround Sound,” “Dance Now,” and “Kody Blu 31,” the album was a critical and fan favorite and commercial success for the Atlanta rapper, peaking at No. 12 on the Billboard 200 — his best-performing album to date.

This year, though, The Forever Story is receiving renewed attention, thanks in large part to the “Surround Sound Challenge” on TikTok set to the song. So, just what is the Surround Sound Challenge?

Its alternate name, the Ceiling Challenge, offers a hint: Users have been taping their phones to the ceilings of their homes, classrooms, offices, and even retail establishments in order to get a top-down view as they dance to the beat of JID’s hyperactive single. The team at Dreamville shared some of their favorite examples on the label’s TikTok account:


best trend on tiktok right now 🔥#surroundsound #jid #dreamville (via @J.I.DJID)

♬ Surround Sound – JID

Meanwhile, the label’s president, Ib, noted the song’s recent streaming resurgence as a result of its TikTok popularity, joking on Twitter (never X), “Crazy. Great music never dies it just needs a little tik tok.”

He ain’t wrong. TikTok has increasingly become the launching pad for older or overlooked singles, juicing the stats for tracks like Flyana Boss‘ “You Wish” and Tyla’s “Water,” taking them from relative unknowns to charting major label artists.