When Will Spotify Wrapped 2022 Come Out?

Over the past few years, Spotify has created a sort of unofficial cultural/social media holiday with the annual release of Spotify Wrapped. For the unfamiliar, Wrapped is a feature that allows Spotify users to see some data about their listening habits over the past year, including the songs and artists they played the most.

Now, it looks like this year’s Wrapped is coming soon: Spotify first teased the 2022 Wrapped on October 13, while the #SpotifyWrapped “hashflag” (the custom icon that accompanies select Twitter hashtags) launched today, November 28. As for exactly when Wrapped data will be unveiled to Spotify listeners, that hasn’t been officially confirmed, but a safe bet would be on or around December 1, since that’s when Wrapped went live in both 2021 and 2020.

When it comes to what period of listening activity is covered by Wrapped data, it’s not actually a whole year. According to Newsweek, only data from January 1 to October 31 is used, with Brendan Codey, associate director for Creator Growth and Programs at Spotify, explaining in 2021, “The reason we have this hard cut-off is just for the sake of campaign logistics. We need to QA the site and we need to finalize assets for Wrapped, all of which takes a while. You throw Thanksgiving into the mix as well and we have even less time.”