Who Is Takeoff’s Alleged Murder Suspect?

Nearly a month after Takeoff was shot and killed at 810 Billiard and Bowling Alley in Houston on November 1, Houston police said that they have made an arrest in the case. The delay was due to a lack of evidence and witnesses, which stalled the investigation until today when they revealed that they had arrested the man they believe to be responsible for the shooting: Patrick Xavier Clark. The 33-year-old was taken into custody Thursday evening (December 1) on the east side of Houston without incident, according to ABC News.

The police emphasized that Takeoff was likely an innocent bystander of the shooting and not its intended target. Police say they were able to identify Clark using a “large volume” of video surveillance. “We had to sift through all of that and use physical evidence, and use shooting reconstruction, and confirm a lot of our ballistic evidence,” said a spokesman. “‘What weapons were involved?’ And through that, we were able to deduce that Patrick Clark is the legal shooter in the case. That’s why he’s being charged with murder.” Quavo’s assistant was also injured in the shooting, while another man was arrested for carrying a firearm, but police stressed he was not involved in the murder.

Incidentally, Clark was suspected in another shooting in 2018, when a customer at a nightclub opened fire inside. A 50-year-old man died, but a Harris County grand jury found there wasn’t enough evidence to indict Clark.