Why Did NBA YoungBoy Diss Drake?

YoungBoy Never Broke Again was given a stern warning from Rap-A-Lot founder J Prince this week over his jabs at Drake. For several weeks, the 23-year-old rapper has been sending shots at much of the rap, from Lil Durk to NLE Choppa to Soulja Boy. However, J Prince drew the line at YoungBoy dissing Drake, with whom he shares close ties.

And although Drake himself hasn’t responded to YoungBoy’s provocations, fans may be wondering just why the Baton Rouge rapper keeps sending shots at Drake in the first place. On the song “F**K The Industry Pt. 2” from his new mixtape Richest Opp, YoungBoy raps, “B*tch, I send them hitters to hit at you, boy, don’t say sh*t to me / Talk to Drake ‘cross FaceTime, he wasn’t feelin’ me / Told me that he f*ck with Durk, damn, that sh*t was gettin’ to me / Told me that he like the sh*t I’m doin’, but can’t do sh*t with me / So when we cross our ways, f*ck what you say, b*tch, you my enemy.”

That verse may bear the answer for YoungBoy’s issues though. Drake is well-known as an associate of Chicago rapper Lil Durk, with whom YoungBoy has had a longstanding feud. That beef seems to stem from YoungBoy’s friction with Durk’s OTF artist and fellow Chicagoan, the late King Von. After Von asserted that YoungBoy “got caps in yo raps,” YoungBoy began issuing diss tracks directed at Von along with his O-Block affiliates. This prompted Durk to take up the beef on Von’s beef, notably making references to YoungBoy on “Ahhh Ha.”

It’s clear from “F**k The Industry, Pt. 2” that YoungBoy plans to continue his war of words with Durk, and apparently, that extends to just about anyone who counts Durk as a confederate. Whether he’ll actually prompt a response from Drake remains to be seen, but Soulja Boy and NLE Choppa have already pretty much shrugged off his attention-baiting antics, so it seems unlikely that the track will have much impact beyond garnering some petty buzz for his new tape.