Why Did Lil Yachty Have A ‘Friendly Beef’ With Migos Early In His Career?

In hip-hop’s 50 years, crews, groups, collectives, labels, or whatever you’d like to refer to them have always been around. Some of the most prevalent back in the day include Death Row, Roc-A-Fella, Cash Money, and No Limit Records. But in today’s time, the first record label to come to mind for most is Quality Control Music (or QC). But standing out against the big wigs isn’t as simple as it may seem.

The Paradigm” rapper Lil Yachty spilled the beans behind his early days on the label. His confession revealed that, at one point, there was even some pinned-up energy between him and the label’s biggest act, Migos. So, why did Lil Yachty have a ‘friendly beef’ with Migos early in his career?

Yesterday (December 14), on his podcast, A Safe Place, while chatting with QC’s founders Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “P” Thomas, Yachty recounted the brotherly tension. “Quavo used to be so mean to me! It became like a friendly beef. It was like this thing of battling with me against all three Migos when it came to cars, when it came to jewelry, when it came to women, when it came to clothes, everything,” said Yachty.

He continued, “When Quavo got a new chain, I had to get a new chain. Offset got a new chain, I get a new chain. Takeoff get a new watch, I would go and get a new watch. I used to always feel like everyone was trying to little bro me. At first, they thought I was weird as sh*t. They was like, ‘This n**** is weird as f*ck.'”

Eventually, the two became close friends after Yachty was able to make it through that haze-like period.

Watch the full interview above.