Will Beyoncé Go On Tour For ‘Cowboy Carter?’

Beyoncé is one of the most unpredictable active artists. Every image, online caption, and article of clothing the “Texas Hold ‘Em” singer wears is a clue of sorts. The only problem is you never know what to look for until her business venture is announced (e.g., Cécred) or the project drops.

So, the Beyhive is always on high alert. With her forthcoming studio album, Cowboy Carter, expected to hit streaming platforms this Friday, March 29, many believe Beyoncé could be hitting the road yet again. Continue below for further speculation.

Will Beyoncé Go On Tour For ‘Cowboy Carter?’

Between May and October 2023, Beyoncé galavanted around the globe on her Renaissance World Tour. The tour was not only a chance to experience the Grammy Award-winning album live. But an event experience to let attendees and her stellar dancers (including daughter Blue Ivy) cast their worries behind. So, can fans expect an extension of the musical celebration for a Cowboy Carter tour? The answer is maybe.

If history serves as an indication, it is highly likely that Beyoncé will embark on another tour. In the past, she’s had a headlining tour for each of her solo albums (with the expectation of 2011’s 4 and 2019’s The Lion King: The Gift).

However, Beyoncé has never done tours this close together, the closest being 2013’s The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour (which ended in 2014) and 2016’s The Formation World Tour. Beyoncé hasn’t officially announced anything, but that’s no solace for supporters’ wallets. A tour announcement could come right after Cowboy Carter is officially dropped.

For now, just be prepared to saddle up and kick off the yeehaw agenda from the comforts of your home via your favorite streaming platform.