YG Makes A Break For Freedom In His ‘Stop Snitchin’ Video

Update: YG’s video for “Stop Snitchin” is out now. In the video, which draws on slave narratives for its visual inspiration, YG draws the comparison between house slaves and the hated snitches of the song’s title, seemingly connecting the practice of cooperating with authorities to outright race treachery.

YG takes aim at street code violators on ‘Stop Snitchin,’ the latest single from his upcoming album, 4Real 4Real. YG originally debuted the song during his weekend one Coachella set, which also prompted speculation that the new track is at least partially directed at erstwhile rival and current cooperating witness, Tekashi 69.

The upbeat track rips into the titular snitches early and thoroughly, with YG snarling off lines like “I can smell a b*tch n—- a mile away / Type of n—- so b*tch, he need to put ‘b*tch n—-‘ on his license plate.” The beat is simple, using an uptempo brush snare and menacing piano keys to put listeners in mind of a frenetic chase through the streets of YG’s native Compton.

YG’s friction with Tekashi 69 cropped up often throughout 2018, with the Compton rapper taking issue with the Brooklynite’s “fake flagging” — claiming the Nine Trey Blood set for internet clout rather than a legitimate connection. YG, a Tree Top Piru Blood, took shots at Tekashi throughout the rainbow-haired rapper’s impressive viral run right up until he was arrested for racketeering in connection with his Blood associates. Now, it seems, he wants to remind 69 that real gangsters aren’t supposed to make deals with the authorities for less time (although, in practice, this position tends to be a lot more fluid than rap music makes it sound).

4Real 4Real brings YG’s unique brand of west coast G-funk back to the forefront of hip-hop May 3 via Def Jam Records.