Young Dolph & Key Glock Scam Their Way Out Of Aspen In Their ‘Dummest & The Dummest’ Video

In a stroke of what could be either genius or insanity, Young Dolph & Key Glock have shared an usual video for the outro from their second joint album, Dum And Dummer 2. While they’ve already put out videos for “No Sense,” “Green Light,” “Aspen,” “Sleep With The Roaches,” and “Penguins,” apparently they really wanted fans to be see their chemistry “Dummest & The Dummest” just plays in the background.

And truthfully, they could be right. While not a lot happens visually, the true treat is in the subtitles that appear on-screen, designating each rapper by a hilarious nickname and literally transcribing phrases like “rich white b*tches.” Set on the patio of the cabin the duo rented out for their “Aspen” video, the two discuss Glizock’s car trouble, scamming the cabin’s owner, and the opulent home decorations. Glock also gets lost on the way out.

Speaking of getting out, it looks like Dolph is ready to get out of the rap game. He announced that Dum And Dummer 2 would be his final release on Instagram, telling fans, “I hope y’all enjoying the new mixtape, it’s my last project putting out. I wasn’t gonna tell y’all but I thought y’all should know I’m done with music.” Of course, we’ve heard that before.

Watch Young Dolph & Key Glock’s ‘Dummest & The Dummest’ video above.

Dum And Dummer 2 is out now via Paper Route EMPIRE. Get it here.