Yung Miami Defends Her ‘Do It’ Remix Verse After Fans Claim She Was Offbeat

Last night, Chloe X Halle shocked the world (and disappointed Normani fans) with the remix to their buzzy hit single, “Do It.” Adding rappers City Girls, Doja Cat, and Mulatto to the track, the sister duo provided a little extra bite to their hit, as well as punching their tickets to the female solidarity train currently barreling through the hip-hop end of the music business. And while it was generally well-received, fans did take issue with one of the new additions: the oft-ridiculed Yung Miami, who has been branded the weaker rapper between the City Girls pair.

“waiting for the day yung miami find the beat,” wrote one fan. The sentiment seemed to be echoed from multiple quarters of the Twitterverse, with fans appearing to agree that Yung Miami’s verse was the worst one due to her offbeat approach.

However, Miami herself presented an unbothered response to the jokes, joining in with some self-deprecating humor of her own. “My verse was for the kids & tik tok period,” she wrote. “Y’all eating me up and I’m living for it.” To those who said that she “ruined” the song though, she shed a few sarcastic emoji tears and wondered whether her critics might grow to love her verse with time. “That’s wrong y’all said I ruined the song,” she joked. “Maybe it gotta grow on y’all idk.”

For what it’s worth, she’s not offbeat at all, but she does rap over a section of track where the snare drops out and leaves a lot of space in between her bars. As for her explanation of the backlash, Miami noted that it’s probably just because “it’s popular to drag me.” Considering the response to the track and its inevitable increase in streams, Miami will likely cry-laugh her way right to the bank.

Listen to Chloe X Halle’s “Do It” remix featuring City Girls, Doja Cat, and Mulatto above.

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