Chloe X Halle Call On City Girls, Mulatto, And Doja Cat To Show You How To ‘Do It’ On Their New Remix

Aiming to bring new life to the standout single from their sophomore album, Ungodly Hour, Chloe X Halle call on some of the industry’s top female artists for a new “Do It” remix. Recruiting City Girls, Mulatto, And Doja Cat, Chloe X Halle allow the rap ladies to shine in the light of their most successful single to date.

Doja Cat, who leads the way, fits perfectly with the song’s part vibe while bringing an extra dose of confidence to the track. Next up, City Girls slide through with a boastful hair flip and reminders that no one is one their level and lastly, 2020 XXL Freshman Mulatto reinforces her worth and physical qualities.

While the new verses from City Girls, Mulatto, and Doja Cat may have been enough, Chloe X Halle themselves lend new, yet shorter, verses of their own to the song following Mulatto’s verse. The new remix arrives after the Chloe X Halle took to the MTV VMAs to perform “Ungodly Hour.” The flashy and futuristic performance dazzled viewers and landed as one of the standout performances from the night. Prior to the new remix, Chloe X Halle took to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform the song.

Listen to the “Do It” remix above.

Ungodly Hour is out now via Parkwood/Columbia. Get it here.