Yung Miami Allegedly Transported ‘Pink Cocaine’ For Diddy, According To Court Documents

As the bad news continues to pour in for Sean “Diddy” Combs, more of the people in his orbit have been pulled into the drama surrounding the lawsuit filed by Rod “Lil Rod” Jones. According to XXL, Jones’ most recent amendment, filed on Monday, now levels a number of eyebrow-raising accusations at Yung Miami, Diddy’s rumored paramour, with whom he’s had a very public association, although both have refused to label their relationship as such.

Jones accuses Miami of both carrying drugs for Combs and of being a sex worker being paid a monthly retainer by Diddy, according to USA Today. Jones said Miami, real name Caresha Brownlee, was one of three women Combs kept on retainer, including wellness coach Jade Ramey and model/actress Daphne Joy. Incidentally, the latter is most notable for her connection with Curtis Jackson — better known as 50 Cent — the father of her 10-year-old son Sire. 50 has notably trolled his ex over her alleged association with Combs, which could be seen as at least part of why he’s carried on a one-sided feud with the fellow music mogul.

Jones’ lawsuit says Miami brought Combs a drug called “tuci” [Editor’s note: It’s believed “tuci” is a garbled reference to “2C,” a general name for the family of psychedelic phenethylamines to which the designer psychedelic drug 2C-B belongs] from Miami to Virginia via private plane when his alleged drug mule, Brendan Paul, forgot to bring it along. Tuci is also known as “pink cocaine” and is a synthetic drug made of pink food coloring, strawberry flavoring, ketamine, caffeine, and MDMA. Its effects are similar to those of ecstasy, rather than cocaine, according to drug treatment facilities such as The Willough at Naples and Avenues Recovery.