Saweetie Tells Us About Her Champion ‘Get It Girl’ Campaign And The Importance Of Women In Sports

Before she was a brand magnet, hitmaking rapper, Saweetie was a multi-sport athlete, competing in track, volleyball, and flag football and earning the CIF Sac-Joaquin Section’s Female Athlete Of The Year honor in 2011. Now that she has hits like “Tap In,” “Back To The Streets,” “Best Friend,” and “Closer” under her belt, it makes sense that she’d add an athletic brand to her growing list of high-profile partnerships, which already includes impressive names like Amazon, Crocs, MAC Cosmetics, McDonald’s, Netflix, and Quay.

While the world of athleisure is expansive and growing by the day, Saweetie prefers the classics. She’s locked in a role with Champion as the brand’s new Global Corporate Consultant and contributes one of her many catchy, fan-favorite singles, “Get It Girl,” to Champion’s ad campaign of the same name. As part of the campaign, Champion will also support its 12 featured female athletes with mentorship in areas such as marketing and media to ensure they have career opportunities beyond the court and field.

Saweetie was gracious enough to grant an interview with Uproxx via Zoom to discuss the Champion deal, her favorite pieces from Champion’s related sportswear line, and her upcoming album, Pretty Bitch Music.

What drew you to Champion as the partnership for this women’s athletics partnership?

I honestly think that it’s just in alignment with my life. I grew up playing sports. I played track, volleyball, basketball, powderpuff. I played a plethora of sports, and I’ve always worn Champion during my workouts, pre-games, et cetera, et cetera. The fact that I am the new partner and global consultant, it’s just really, really a dream come true. The fact that I’m endorsing these female college athletes, who were once in the position I was in, it’s just amazing.

What’s your favorite piece from the collection?

My favorite piece is the tights. It feels I’m not wearing anything. It’s so soft. It just feels like skin. There are leggings where they feel good, but these ones feel so good, you could probably fall asleep in them.

As far as women’s athletics go, are you paying any attention at all to the NCAA Basketball tournament’s women’s side? Do you have any picks? Have you filled out your bracket?

Please fill me in, because while they playing on the court, I’m playing in the studio. I’ve been focused on Pretty Bitch Music, but please enlighten me. Who’s your pick?

You caught me. I’ve been pretty busy writing about new music too.

I guess we both got to do our research.

Absolutely, because now I’m embarrassed. You turned it around on me. Speaking of Pretty Bitch Music, I know a lot of people have been waiting for a very long time for it. You’ve been tweaking things. What would you say has been the biggest challenge in getting it out the door, and the most fun part about holding on to it and making sure that it’s been tweaked to perfection?

I think the best thing about this music is as I begin to learn myself, as a woman, there are more things that I’d like to discuss and talk about. I’m happy that it didn’t come out when it was supposed to come out, two years ago, because I’ve definitely grown spiritually, mentally in a lot of areas in my life. I actually discovered meditation last year, and through being silent, I realize what my purpose was. I need to make sure that I get this message across in my music.

Are there any surprises that would really blow anybody’s mind that you can share or let us know about ahead of time, because it’s Uproxx, and you love us?

If I tell you, it’s not going to be a surprise anymore.

Is the Tagalog song still on there?

It’s not a Tagalog song. I am speaking Tagalog, but it’s definitely on the “keep” list — hopefully, it stays there.

Maybe you brought back one of the old car verses for us? Because I love those car verses. They were so good.

Thank you. Honestly. I think that people will definitely see the elevation. I can’t say specifically what it is yet. It’s not “new” Saweetie, it’s just “elevated” Saweetie. I mean, you might have touched on a couple of things, but we’re just going to have to see.

I know you get a lot of interviews. You get a lot of the same questions. I have to ask a lot of the same questions. Do you ever have anything that you want to talk about, that you really care about, that you never get a chance to talk about, because nobody ever asks you? For instance, I once got someone who wanted to talk about anime because I was wearing an anime shirt like I am now [It was a Sailor Moon shirt].

Well, I do love anime. My favorite is Chibi, Sailor Rini from Sailor Moon. I actually have a Chibi chain.

Honestly, I was a stationery collector, I don’t know if you’re familiar with stationery books, but I love Lovely White. I would go to Koreatown and collect a whole bunch of stationery. It’s definitely one of the more low-key animes, but her name’s Lovely White.

If there’s one major thesis or statement, or message of the album, what would you want people to take away from it?

That’s a really great question. When women listen to this album, I really want them to tap into their divine femininity. After they’re done consuming, seeing their self in some of these songs, I would really love to hear how women feel in 12 months, because the purpose of this album is for women.