Zayn Announces His New Album ‘Icarus Falls’ And Drops The Slinky, Bass-Driven Single ‘Rainberry’

It’s official — after astute fans noticed the shell for a new album added to Zayn‘s New Zealand Apple Music page yesterday, the English pop singer has confirmed the news. His sophomore solo LP, Icarus Falls, will arrive via RCA on December 14.

Zayn has released seven new singles this year, so if you’re worried that we’ve already heard most of the album, rest assured Zayn has us covered. Icarus Falls will include a whopping 27 tracks.

To celebrate the official announcement of Icarus Falls, Zayn has shared another new track from the album. The singles he’s released so far have seen the singer playing with genre — tropical house and hip-hop on “No Candle No Light,” and rock on “Sour Diesel.” Today’s new track, “Rainberry,” is a return to the catchy, hook-driven pop that made Z famous. It’s his most radio-friendly song since “PILLOWTALK,” and if listeners weren’t already hyped for Icarus Falls, “Rainberry” is sure to inspire passion.

With 2018 drawing to a close, many fans had resigned to the fact that Zayn’s much-anticipated sophomore solo album wouldn’t come until 2019, so this announcement is a welcome surprise. Just earlier this month, Zayn explained to British Vogue why his album release had been stalled: “We were meant to be releasing around [last] February, March time, but a lot of it comes down to what promotion I’m willing to do.”

Listen to “Rainberry” above, and pre-order Icarus Falls here.