Anne-Marie And Doja Cat Detail What It Feels Like ‘To Be Young’ In Their Shimmering Collaboration

Anne-Marie’s impressive 2018 debut album Speak Your Mind was the UK’s biggest-selling record of the year and was even certified Platinum in the US. Now, the singer is ushering in a new era of music and has tapped Doja Cat for the earnest collaboration “To Be Young,” Anne-Marie’s third single of the year.

The vibrant video accompanying “To Be Young” was shot in quarantine and expertly compiles clips of both Anne-Marie and Doja Cat in their respective homes. The singers make use of their spaces, entertaining themselves by dancing on countertops and rolling around in their sheets.

Ahead of the single, Anne-Marie opened up to Glamour UK about battling with anxiety for the last decade of her life. “Anxiety almost blocked me from thinking normally and remembering things, because I was so anxious about everything. […] I regularly found it hard to leave the house,” the singer said. Eventually, Anne-Marie found her best way to cope with anxiety was to write it all down: “I think the songwriting has helped me so much, so that’s why I say to people: if you’re too scared to go to someone or worried about what people are going to think about you, or [think that] people are judging you, just write a tweet, or write it on a piece of paper next to your bed. If you just write it down so it’s in existence, there in front of you rather than just in your brain, it really helps.”

Watch Anne-Marie and Doja Cat’s “To Be Young” video above.

Anne-Marie is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.