Avril Lavigne Discusses The Parallels She Sees Between Olivia Rodrigo’s Career And Her Own

The pop-punk revival into the mainstream continues with the long-awaited release of Avril Lavignes exhilarating comeback record, Love Sux, today. The star spoke with Entertainment Tonight about her interaction with Olivia Rodrigo, whose smashing debut Sour was acclaimed for bringing elements of punk into commercial pop on songs like “Brutal” and “Good 4 U.”

Lavigne explained the similarities she sees between Rodrigo and herself, saying:

“I met her a [few months] ago and it’s like she’s kind of going through what I went through. I wrote my first album when I was 16 and experienced crushes and like dating or whatever for the first time and how intense that feels and then writing songs and putting that into music. […] It’s so great because you’re putting all that into your art and it’s so real and people relate to that, and she’s great. It was so lovely meeting her and she’s doing amazing stuff.”

Lavigne’s album includes collaborations with Travis Barker, Machine Gun Kelly, Blackbear, and Mark Hoppus. Meanwhile Rodrigo told Billboard last month that she already has the title of her next album and a few new songs written. Hopefully Lavigne and Rodrigo will cross paths again and end up working together on what would be one of the coolest collaborations in pop-punk.