Billie Eilish Took Her Blonde Hair To A New Level While Teasing Something New

Billie Eilish made major waves back in March when she debuted her new blonde hair on Instagram. Her post racked up a million likes in just six minutes and is currently at over 22 million likes, making it the most-liked Instagram post of the year so far and the third most-liked post of all time. Now Eilish and her hair are back to generating attention on Instagram as a new photo is picking up steam.

Eilish’s latest post shows her blonde hair, but this time, she’s sporting a more voluminous, blown-out look. In just the 16 hours since it was posted, the post has racked up over 12.1 million likes, which makes it one of her most-liked posts since her original blonde hair photo. Also of note is Eilish’s caption, in which she wrote, “things are comingggg.”

Finneas recently denied a rumor that Eilish was set to share major news about her next album, but it certainly does seem like she has something on the way soon, both due to her new tease and other things Finneas has been saying. In February, for instance, he told James Corden that her next album is nearly finished, saying, “She’s said it, so I’m not spilling the beans for her, but we are working really hard on her second album. It’s actually almost done, which we’re really excited about. She’s the only person I’ve worked with in-person in the whole year. So everything else has been over Zoom. Someone will send me a vocal of theirs, I’ll produce it and send it back to them. So, it’s all been this virtual world of that. But Billie and I have actually been holed up working together.”