Finneas Calls A Rumor About Billie Eilish’s Next Album Title ‘Fake As F*ck’

In recent months, both Billie Eilish and Finneas have occasionally shared some small updates about Eilish’s upcoming second album. There’s no firm news yet about when that effort is set to arrive, but that hasn’t stopped fans from trying to spread false rumors. This afternoon, Finneas spotted one of these rumors on Twitter and promptly put an end to it.

The tweet, which came from an account that has about 200 followers, read, “Billie Eilish’s 2nd album titled ‘rebirth’ is on the way. The singer revealed the title name earlier today but is now recently deleted. The singer is also announcing something related to the album in 3 hours.” It also included fake screenshots that were made to look like they were from Eilish’s Instagram Story. Finneas shared the now-deleted tweet and responded, “Lol this is fake as f*ck,” followed by some laughing-crying emojis.


Finneas has been kind to fans in terms of providing updates about the progress of the album. In February, he told James Corden on The Late Late Show, “She’s said it, so I’m not spilling the beans for her, but we are working really hard on her second album. It’s actually almost done, which we’re really excited about. She’s the only person I’ve worked with in-person in the whole year. So everything else has been over Zoom. Someone will send me a vocal of theirs, I’ll produce it and send it back to them. So, it’s all been this virtual world of that. But Billie and I have actually been holed up working together.”