Finneas Has Valuable Advice For Aspiring Artists Who Just Got New Music Production Gear For Christmas

Billie Eilish and Finneas are behind some of the world’s most beloved and popular music. Once upon a time, though, they were just kids making songs at their parents’ house. Ultimately, that’s how a lot of artists, even the biggest ones, got their start: Working on songs at home with a relatively minimal recording and production setup.

Presumably, a lot of emerging artists got started on this path yesterday when they received their first bit of audio gear for Christmas. For those folks, Finnneas has a message worth hearing.

Yesterday, he tweeted, “If any of you got your first audio interface or mic or midi keyboard today for Christmas, have fun!!! If you make stuff you don’t think is ‘good enough’ that’s okay! It means you have good ears!! You’ll get there!! Trust the process!!!”

Finneas has evolved beyond the basics and has his own home studio, where it looks like he and his sister spent some time making new music earlier this year. The pair also entered The Simpsons universe when they both appeared as themselves in the short When Billie Met Lisa. As for how Finneas will be closing 2022, he, Halle Bailey, Wiz Khalifa, Tomorrow x Together, and many others are set to perform on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.