Blackpink Fans React To The Band’s Super Sweet Behind-The-Scenes Footage From Their Coachella Shows

Blackpink fans are reacting to a sweet set of moments between Jennie and her other bandmates taking in their record-breaking Coachella 2023 set. The scenes were included in the band’s recently-released B.P.M Roll #23 on YouTube.

It starts off by finding Rosé and Jisoo planning to surprise Jennie with the news that they’ve been selected to headline the massive California festival.

“This is a video that needs to be released later after Coachella,” Jisoo said.

“I think you should film us telling Jennie,” Rosé added. “Jennie, shocking news. Something big is about to happen.”

Paul Tolett, Coachella’s co-founder, is also following along to surprise Jennie.

“Tonight’s show was really great,” he tells Jennie. “There’s something I want to tell you. We want you to headline Coachella.”

Jennie’s face then goes into complete shock as Rosé laughs and hugs her. The four eventually all do a group hug to celebrate the news.

Throughout the rest of the vlog, the Blackpink girls share behind-the-scenes footage of them getting emotionally prepared to take the stage — and some live parts from the actual concert.

“Just within the four years, we made it from Sahara to the main stage,” Jennie told the crowd during their headlining performance back in April. “It’s just like a dream and it’s all because of you guys!”

Check out Blackpink’s video, including Jennie being surprised, above. Continue scrolling for some fan reactions.