Britney Spears Resurrected A Fitting ‘Andy Griffith’ Clip To Make A Point About ‘Constant Lies From The Media’

Britney Spears has been in the news for a number of reasons lately, whether it’s due to fans calling police requesting wellness checks on her or reports of an attempted intervention. Well, Spears is tired of it, which she communicated in an Instagram post shared yesterday (February 23).

In it, she wrote, “The constant lies from the media and TMZ have felt like borderline harassment … it’s extremely disturbing, due to the fact of how incredibly important it is at this time in my life to be supported and respected !!! Also, the way the news has always spread lies about me is incredibly heartbreaking !!! I meditate over hope and excitement for my future !!! I have transformed my whole life with the elimination of my conservatorship and I deserve respect !!! It’s almost embarrassing commenting on this because of how completely outrageous what’s being said is !!! It’s my right to protect myself from the cruelty of the outside world !!!”

The post features a clip from the iconic 1960s TV series The Andy Griffith Show to help make her point. In it, Griffith’s Andy Taylor character says to Ron Howard’s Opie, “Just because somebody said something doesn’t mean it has to be printed. You don’t circulate stories that are mean and unkind about people. There are too many other stories to put in, nice stories.” Opie responds, “But pa, when we put in the nice kind of stories, nobody wanted to buy the paper,” a retort that was followed by canned laughter and a look of shock and disappointment from Taylor.