Britney Spears Reportedly Claims Her Father’s ‘Radical’ Business Deal Lost Her $300k

Ever since the #FreeBritney movement has caught a second wave, fans have been meticulously following the singer’s legal battles with her father and court-assigned conservator Jamie Spears. Fans continue to insist that Spears’ father is taking advantage of her situation and unnecessarily controlling her life. These claims have since been dismissed by Jamie Spears as well as her legal team, and Spears herself even assured fans of her well-being. But as the case continues to develop, the motives of Spears’ father are once again being called into question.

According to a report from TMZ, Spears is not happy with how her father is handling her finances. The report states that Spears’ legal team filed documents that point to an agreement made between her father and her former management company, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group. The company has been representing the singer for over a decade and their contract promised a five-percent payout of Spears’ gross income.

The management company’s payout was much larger when Spears was actively performing. But since the singer went on an indefinite hiatus from touring in 2019, Tri Star reportedly sought to renegotiate their pay and allegedly made an agreement with Spear’s father to receive a $500,000 minimum annual salary on top of their five percent. However, Spears’ legal team claims that the singer’s father didn’t negotiate the deal and screwed her out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Spears’ legal team alleges the new deal (which they call “radical new arrangements”) secured Tri Star a 260% raise, which went against Spears’ wishes. Because Spears feels as though she was given the short end of the stick, the singer’s legal team is now seeking about $309,000 from Tri Star, the amount she thinks the company was over-paid.

The decision to request a refund arrive days after Spears took the initial steps for her father to be removed as her co-conservator. The motion was filed after Spears’ longtime Tri Star manager resigned without notice — and the singer was not informed. Instead, Spears’ father appointed Michael Kane of the accounting firm Miller Kaplan to act as her new business manager without her approval.