Former Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Employee Tried To Sell BTS Jungkook’s Kangol Hat

If you found an item that was left behind at your workplace, and you knew a BTS member owned the owner of that item, what would you do? Would you keep it? Return it? Sell it?

If you chose the latter and decide to sell it, well, know that there will be a huge chance you’ll get caught, just like the former employee of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs who tried selling a Kangol bucket hat worn by BTS‘ Jungkook.

Earlier today, the former employee admitted to all charges after Seoul’s Seocho Police Station completed the investigation behind an online post by the former staff selling the bucket hat. According to the report from Soompi, the post featured a black Kangol fleece-like bucket hat worn by Jungkook with a listing for 10 million Korean won (approximately $7,100). The person also posted a picture of a civil service employee ID for further verification and authenticity. They claimed ownership of the hat after no one called or visited to claim the item after six months when it was reported as lost property. The BTS member apparently left the hat when the group visited the former employee’s workplace for passport purposes.

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that no record of the hat was reported to be a lost item according to its office or the National Police Agency. In addition, HYBE has confirmed Jungkook’s bucket hat to be missing: “It is true that [Jungkook] lost his hat at that place (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).”