Camila Cabello Playfully Addressed Her Much-Discussed Pronunciation Of ‘Christmas’ In A New TikTok

Camila Cabello has had a lot going on this year — from releasing the infectious, massive hit song “Bam Bam” to getting booed at the UEFA Champions League Final. Luckily, the singer is also great at laughing off the negative things with entertaining TikToks, which she’s done again today.

The internet has been having a fun week with Cabello’s recent cover of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” in which her pronunciation of the word “Christmas” is rather unique. Some people have translated it as “quismoiss,” and the memes have been plentiful.

In a new TikTok, Cabello plays herself and her vocal coach, who’s trying to help her with the pronunciation of the word but eventually gives up.


me before recording my version of I’ll be home for christmas (quismois)

♬ original sound – Camila Cabello

This year, Cabello also unveiled her new album Familia. “Wowzer! Familia is finally out,” Cabello said about the LP in a TikTok, adding that “this album means so much to me.“ She said, “The journey to making it completely changed (me) and, not to be dramatic, saved my life. Y’know, I started this album at a really shitty mental health point and the process of making it, and being vulnerable and being honest about my experiences and leaning on other people changed my life.”