Christina Aguilera Speaks Out About The ‘Mental And Emotional Damage’ Britney Spears Has Endured

Now that the world knows how Britney Spears herself feels about her conservatorship, it’s all but impossible for anyone to stand by and not show support for the embattled pop star. Earlier today her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, clarified why she herself hasn’t been public with her support of Britney until now, saying she wanted to let the world hear what Britney had to say first. Another of her closest peers, Christina Aguilera, was moved to speak out in support of Britney today too in a lengthy Twitter thread where she reflects on the “mental and emotional damage” that a betrayal of this level can create.

“These past few days I’ve been thinking about Britney and everything she is going through,” Aguilera began, sharing an adorable photo of the two young musicians together. “It is unacceptable that any woman, or human, wanting to be in control of their own destiny might not be allowed to live life as they wish. To be silenced, ignored, bullied or denied support by those “close” to you is the most depleting, devastating and demeaning thing imaginable. The harmful mental and emotional damage this can take on a human spirit is nothing to be taken lightly. Every woman must have the right to her own body, her own reproductive system, her own privacy, her own space, her own healing and her own happiness. While I am not behind the closed doors of this very layered & personal yet public conversation – all I can do is share from my heart on what I’ve heard, read and seen in the media. The conviction and desperation of this plea for freedom leads me to believe that this person I once knew has been living without compassion or decency from those in control. To a woman who has worked under conditions and pressure unimaginable to most, I promise you she deserves all of the freedom possible to live her happiest life. My heart goes out to Britney. She deserves all the TRUE love and support in the world.

Here’s hoping the media attention and celebrity support will lead to what seems to be the best outcome for Britney — ending this terrible saga of her life and starting fresh.